My Moaning

Submission stress

Submission day!

After all of the stresses accompanied with group presentations… The day has finally come to submit individual research evidence, group handout and group PowerPoint.

o what a happy day!

We rejoiced!
We sang!
We danced!
We laughed!
We embarrassingly highfived!

    What could go wrong?!

Well never underestimate a students stress factor combined with the stupidity of man kind!

After checking double checking and triple checking the documents we found we were only allowed to upload 3 documents, so my lovingly organised 12 documents had to be hastily copied and pasted into one word document making the file massive!

I don’t know the difference between MB and KB

So after all this last minute pasting, (and I don’t do last minute) I tried to upload my three files and pressed the download button and that wheel started turning..

    You know, the wheel of death!

And I waited and waited, time ticking away, drawing ever closer, my fellow peers all stressing, panicking,hysterical as they were having the same problem! We cancelled and tried again but alas the same darn problem!

The use of profanities did not help our situation either, so after attaching my files to an email to my tutor explaining the computers faults, I resolved to try again, what’s the harm?

there is always a harm

Because on my final attempt, after all my stresses I realised I didn’t want to DOWNLOAD the files, I wanted to SAVE them….

your upload of your work has been successfully submitted.Thank you.

I stared blankly at the screen, torn paper screwed up with I’m sure torn out hair through stress piled up on either side of my screen. I focused in on those two words, mocking me.

Thank You.

    Sorry computer.

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