Things That Make Me Happy

Volunteer? Not really a choice when asked to save a child’s life!

So after my sleepless night and the planning of what my uni group could do for Red Nose Day I anxiously stepped up in front of my class (cheeks blazing) and asked if they would like to help…

Well, they had no choice really!

You can’t say no to helping raise money for children who are in need of malaria treatments, teaching resources and who are in the deepest depths of poverty.

So first things first, once I had my ‘volunteers’ under my belt I needed to start the planning.
As a Virgo, we are proficient planners who do not let silly things such as time get in the way of our goals. So during my walk home.. (See the Makaton money saving has started!) I picked up some white tops from a shop and stormed off home, power walking like a mad woman.


I set up my work station in my kitchen, got out my acrylic paints and set to work making the volunteers tops… So that when they ask random people for money, they may actually get some as they would look the business – not just some strange person busking for money.


  • The first top in the process of being made


  • This is the second attempt – as we have two boys in the group I had to make a boy version.. Even though it is a woman’s top…. Oh well, differentiation was thought of slightly


  • The first finished top…


  • the second top finished

And finally… The back of both tops to let people know who we are and not some random people in the uni stealing money! 🙂


Now the baking, the bothering people for donations, raffle and prize for the ugliest top needs to be sorted…. So, more to come folks


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