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My Own Dream Heuristic Setting

We were asked to get into small groups at uni and design our own setting: inside and out and risk assess it.

I love creating and designing… In fact when I was little I used to pretend I was an interior designer and drew up rooms and decorated them with my colouring pencils!

But here we devised a setting that was based solely on the love of outdoor natural play.

The pieces of paper stuck to the orange card means that these things could be moved around.


The room is in a T shape, as you walk in from the top right door you come into the boot room where the children’s pegs and toilets are situated. There is a visitors sign in and out book so that there is a record from the parents who is in and who has left.


Then we walk into the main room where there is natural light all around from the windows situated 360degrees around the room.
As if you were standing in the doorway to your right (left on the piece of paper) you have the moveable maths mat that has the snakes and ladders design with number square.
You also have the construction box on wheels and the temperature controlled, clean fridge… (Preferably a SMEG because I love these!)
To your left (right on paper) you have the children’s own drawers with their names and pictures on. This is a way for the children to feel more at home as it gives them a place that is there own.
Next to the drawers is a music box on wheels where the children will find lots of percussion instruments to make their own songs and sounds. It is also a great tool to use when explaining numbers and syllables.
Next to this is a red round pallet on wheels that can be used inside or out and is used for mark making in different materials, e.g. Shaving foam, tea leaves or sand.
Next to this is the reading corner canopy where there is some yummy soft throws, cushions and big squishy chair where you can read to the children. There are bookshelves and plenty of lovely teddys for the Children to cuddle with.
Next to this is the home corner where there is ever changing props, equipment and role play fitting in with themes and schemes.
The home and reading corner is situated on jigsaw carpet whereas the rest of the floor is made from soft Lino.
Moving from the home corner is a role play dressing up chest. In the middle of this room are table that when placed all together form a hollow oval where the children sit around and the teacher is in the middle. Really good for teaching a big group and demonstrations, or more intense work with just half a semi circle.

Moving into the conservatory area with sky light…


There are resources drawers on either side of the room, with two sinks built in and then above the sinks are a lockable teachers cupboard.

There is a semi circle table that fits into the oval table, and this is used for snack prep.

There’s also a painting section with mini easels that can be taken outside too!
Walking out of the French doors onto the rainbow patio where kids can take off their outdoor boots and parents can sit when watching performances.
There is a pond with fence around it, however with supervision they are able to look and explore the pond and the life within it and next to it is a willow tree den where children can explore and play in. there is also is a sand pit that will be covered at night for hill rein to play in and experiment in.

Then moving from the sandpit there is a small garden patch and orchard where children can learn about growth and nature. With supervision the children can climb low branches and in the summer pick apples for their snack time.
Next to this is a low decking/ stage where children can play, act, sing, dance and enjoy themselves on. Around the deck is soft Tarmac so if anyone falls they won’t hurt themselves.
Then this moves into the heuristic summer house, a safe haven for children to gather and snuggle in the woollen sheep skin carpet, blankets and cushions. There are lots of different heuristic natural textures, indoor bubbly fountain and plenty of story sacks.


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