Essay Procrastinating

Why is the internet such a full and massive and funny and entertaining world?

Does facebook not know that I have important essays to do? Does eBay not understand that I really must research into social policy affecting a child’s educational attainment?Is my relationship with YouTube  a bit too involved? Does google mail seriously not care that theorists like Vygotsky, Bruner, Illich and yes… Spock all must take precedence in these tough and trying times?

And does my stomach really need to gurgle so loudly when i am in a quiet library! oh the dramas of being  a student at the end of term trying to type essays worthy of the coveted yet elusive First….

And really, utterly, truly and seriously do I need to be tempted to come onto my blog to write about procrastinating when truly all I am accomplishing from this entry is further procrastination…well I think I have learnt something here…possibly…Imagehey ho… lets check eBay again…


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