Random Musings

Picking apart Lord Byron…(Don Juan)

Alas! The love of women! It is known
To be a lovely and a fearful thing;
For all of theirs upon that die is thrown,
And if ’tis lost, life hath no more to bring
To them but mockeries of the past alone,
And their revenge is the tiger’s spring,
Dead,y, and quick, and crushing; yet, as real
Torture is theirs – what they inflict they feel.

They are right; for man, to man so oft unjust,
Is always so to women; one sole bond
Awaits them-treachery is all their trust;
Taught to conceal, their bursting hearts despond
Over their idol, till some wealthier lust
Buys them into marriage-and what rests beyond?
A thankless husband-next, a faithless lover-
Then dressing, nursing, praying-and all’s over.

Some take a lover, some take drams or prayers,
Some mind their household, others dissipation,
Some run away, and but exchange their cares,
Losing the advantage of a virtuous station;
Few changes e’er can better their affairs,
Theirs being an unnatural situation,
From the dull palace to the dirty hovel:
Some play the devil, and then write a novel.

This has nothing to do with my studies or teaching.
It was a poem that I found that I felt connected to and found that I enjoyed the rhythm and pulling apart the meaning. I invite you all to pick apart this prose and find your own interpretation that is helpful to yourself.
For me I found that I could link with my studies; I have to rely on only myself for my grades or my dream job. I should not dream to find a wealthy man for what will that bring me in the long term apart from being a kept woman. Yes, in this day in age it may be considered as a favourable goal (think WAGs) as it was in the Austensian era. But as a teacher we need to inspire the youth to engage their brains and their talents and hone in on them. To not take


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