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Referencing – Harvard

Wow – harvard referencing is such a huge topic at the moment in the land of essays for my class mates!
We have an inordinate amount of essays due in over and after placement and everyone is enjoying the ins and outs of dear old harvard referencing.
Although I am actually one of those people who enjoy it! I put my organised self to good use and alphabetise, reference and format the information – I am unsure if it is because I love to see how many references I have used within my work and so secretly congratulate myself or if it is that the style of referencing has a style and format, a right and a wrong and once done you feel as though you have accomplished something…
Whatever it is, I have become something of an oracle for others on my course…what with my inability to say no this is actually more difficult than anything else as not only am I writing my essays and references but also others!
How can I say no without feeling guilty?


2 thoughts on “Referencing – Harvard

  1. “Sorry guys, I’ve got loads on. I could quickly show you how to reference though” it is like that famous quote about teaching a man to fish vs just giving him a fish…

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