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Placement, Placement, Placement Prep!

So, Monday is fast approaching and four weeks with nursery age children will be greeting me!
Never have worked with this age before so I am so nervous!
Also, I have contacted t.he nursery prior to my placement and although they seem happy to have me; they are a bit cautious and unenthusiastic for all my story sack ideas that we have to do for our course.
So I am rather scared as my first placement was perfect and I still volunteer there…
I will start my reflection learning journal soon to look back on and help digest what I do on a day to day basis.

Any advice for dealing with children 2,3,4 yr olds?


One thought on “Placement, Placement, Placement Prep!

  1. Get used to snot and smells quickly. When I was on placement, in a nursery, a few years ago, I saw no end of runny noses. It is almost like whack-a-mole, only you are playing wipe-a-nose.

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