Happiness Tip: Find Your Passion

They truly do say once you love something everything will fall into place… well I fully support this theory. My passion has been many things over the years and yet only now, can i truly say that I have found my true passion within teaching. I have more ideas than ever before and my interest and motivation has sky rocketed! When on placement or volunteering I feel happy, relaxed and pushed out of my comfort zone. When I am not on placement I feel almost lost without my passion of teaching children and find myself grasping onto any aspect that may help me with my future career just so I can get back to my nirvana, my passion.

The Happsters

I know, I know…Finding your passion is easier said than done. Some lucky people know what their passion is from an early age, but most have to work to figure it out. When you find your passion, you are not just happier yourself, but your passion becomes contagious and inspires others to find their own passion. One of my favorite quotes about passion is “When we focus on leading a passionate, meaningful life, we are also inadvertently creating a spectacular ripple effect of inspiration in the lives around us.  When one person follows a dream, tries something new, or takes a daring leap, everyone nearby feels their passionate energy; and before too long, they are making their own daring leaps while simultaneously inspiring others.”

Not sure yet what your passion is? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Are there certain activities that come easy to me?

2. Are…

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