Random Musings

Should I stay or should I go now?

Well here I am end of my first year a d I’ve already started to think where I will be in my third year as I’m currently in a 2 year Fda and so will need to move in my third year. Not a problem I hear you say?!
Why worry now? Just leave it to fate and get through your second year first…
Well through research research research I have found it is damn near impossible to transfer in my third year! Ahhh! So after much deliberation and tons of emailing around I have decided to transfer now… Scary!
How many more times can I move universities but this is what I want- I need this to become what I want to be.. A primary teacher 🙂
And I think with the competition out there for pgce applicants I need to go for a better Uni with a better reputation
Wish me luck!!!


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