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The decline of the primary teacher job and my life as a perpetual student

Starting my second year of university with hope, dreams and an everlasting supply of pasta I moved into my new home ready to start the academic year and to continue my journey into teaching. However first lecture, sat with my bic Biro poised and highlighters neatly arranged, I am greeted with statistical evidence that in fact the number of jobs for primary teachers are dwindling. The number of jobs has hit such a low that they have even created a module regarding back up career ideas, asking you to produce a poster for an alternative career and research the possibilities of this instead of your preferred role.
Now this shortage in jobs shocked me as I had read so many articles about baby boom, the amount of children in a class and the teacher shortage that is looming. So when I was informed that the government were slashing 500 jobs in schools as well as calls for a cut in teacher training – I started to question job stability and whether after 4 years I would be able to find a job or would I be another NEET with a degree?!
So moving onwards and upwards in decided to look into becoming a lecturer. Pay is better, the idea of researching and being a published writer also appealed greatly and the importance of interaction is also available. In short my personality would fit lecturing far more than primary teaching. I wouldn’t have to deal with fussy parents picking fault with my teaching style nor would I have the responsibility for shaping their wee precious prize. From being in the forces I have developed a ‘no nonsense’ persona that levelled with my sarcastic tendencies create a difficult mix for young children; yet that would probably push he older generations to work harder. If not- then that is their prerogative and they are wasting their money.
So looking further into it, I spoke to one of my lecturers who spoke about how to get into this field. Such fantastic information was gleaned!
Instead of back in the day where an interest and a degree would get you into work – a masters and a phd is now compulsory. Another reason why I am focusing on this career role – a perpetual student it seems I shall become! However I will enjoy having a masters and a phd to my name…
It is all about the extra letters after your name – the abbreviations say it all….
So here I am – convert to the method of lecturing – by passed primary in favour for sarcasm, more money and being a perpetual student ..


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