Perspectives of Moi

Perspectives of a Student Teacher is all about the fantastic, funny and frantic five years of a student teacher training.

Hope, Honesty, Laughter and above all, Happiness


I’ve had many dreams about where I see myself and what I want to be. But one thing has always remained a constant, being a teacher.

So, after leaving the RAF I have returned to education and I am studying a BA in Education and Early Years with, fingers crossed and of course your toes too please, going onto a Primary PGCE.

This blog will be an outlet for my honest rants, ravings and reflection – I hope it is interesting – it is mostly to help me understand my areas for improvement, understanding teaching methods, reflecting on scenarios and as evidence of my growth through my new career… Enjoy.

      Oh and for confidentiality sakes, data protection act 1998, my peers and my setting hasn’t been disclosed

Copyright… My own work is my own work… links, photos and quotes are kindly copied from exterior sources and are sadly not my own… One day I will dream up a quote that others use…


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