Reflection / Things I want to do

The decline of the primary teacher job and my life as a perpetual student

Starting my second year of university with hope, dreams and an everlasting supply of pasta I moved into my new home ready to start the academic year and to continue my journey into teaching. However first lecture, sat with my bic Biro poised and highlighters neatly arranged, I am greeted with statistical evidence that in … Continue reading

Placement / Reflection

Why are less qualified staff placed with the younger children? Baby sitter or Professional?

Using Schon’s (1986) reflection on and in action I will reflect on why less qualified and less experienced staff are placed within the younger children play rooms in nurseries. Not only in the placement that I was in but in other nurseries around the UK, there are staff who have basic qualifications in child care … Continue reading

Placement / Reflection


Having concluded my four week placement within the privately owned nursery I have a few things that I would like to discuss and reflect upon. Instalments will be uploaded soon with the titles of… One. Placement, Paperwork and Parents Two, The use of outdoor play Three. Why are less qualified staff placed with the younger … Continue reading