I Dream of Teaching: A Student’s Rose Tinted Optimism

I dream of teaching: a students rose tinted optimism is simply my views and optimistic views of teaching and my expectations before I actually start teaching and before I experience placements.

I volunteered within my first year weekly within a rural primary school in the reception class and loved it.

The teacher was relaxed, chilled and positive; she didn’t let things bother her and you can tell she loves her job! This is who I want to be, this with possibly more structure as I am looking at an older age of child.

I am by no means naive when it comes to teaching… I know I won’t make a life changing difference to every child and I know that they may not all fall in love with my teaching style. Instead what I am looking forward to is the first smile a child gives me when they manage to do something they have been practising. The first time when a child skips happily into class and the first time a shy child is proud of their work and themselves! Also the last time a child waves goodbye at me as they are progressing onto their own school career knowing I have helped shape their cognitive, social and emotional growth.

Going into a placement with rose tinted glasses is better than negative sceptical goggles and I think as teachers we have to see the best in our pupils at every hurdle and so we need to have the optimism associated with a rose tinted world. It isn’t to say I am going to walk around with my head in the clouds, oblivious to bad practice… But it does mean the benefit of the doubt will always be given and by having a happy bubbly positive attitude means that not only will I get on with the staff but also the kids are more likely to like me too!


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