Reflection: Through the Looking Glass

What is reflection?
Why do we reflect?
Who reflects?
How do we reflect?
What do I get from reflection?

All of these questions were running through my head when I was first introduced to reflective practice in my nursing course. A year and a bit on, for some reason I was surprised to see it on my module list- yet really, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all!

Reflective practice is a valuable and effective way to understand events in our life. This could be at the time of the event (Reflection-in-practice) or later on after you have had some time to digest (Reflect-on-practice). So when thinking about nursing and teaching; both of these professions really suit and take advantage of the idea of revisiting scenarios to formulate a better understanding and to plan for the next time it arises.

Different models have been developed by theorists to aid with this task. Gibbs, Kolb, Bolton and Schon are to name but a few and I have used their models within my reflective practice.

(These models are shown in my reflection blogs as well as my actual reflections within placement and of myself)

More to come…


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